Everything against graffiti from a one-stop supplier

Scheidel Innovative Chemistry develops and manufactures professional anti-graffiti protection products and graffiti removers. Scheidel offers a complete range of graffiti protection products for planners and users, suitable for concrete, curtain walls, composite thermal insulation systems, or natural stone.

Clearly organized product recommendations are directly available via the Scheidel app.

Successful reference

The boundary walls of the masters’ houses in Dessau were completely protected with a purely mineral concrete scumble/glaze. The invisible surface protection was applied using...

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Issue 03/2014

Innovative protective impregnation – also for precast concrete elements

Unfortunately, graffiti quite rarely appears to be art. Mostly, it is vandalism and provocation through slogans meant to attract attention - and besides using inappropriate places. Spray paints,...

Issue 02/2015 Multifunctional impregnation of façades, bridges and other surfaces

Optimized surface and anti-graffiti protection with Hydro-Graff

In cities and local communities, unwanted graffiti on façades, bridges and other surfaces has become a major nuisance whose removal is posing big challenges to local authorities and property owners....

Issue 02/2017

Classical Hydrophobization and Graffiti Protection as a certified all-in-one system

Within the framework of a research project of the Central Innovations Program for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Scheidel...

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Deep hydrophobization and graffiti protection as a certified all-in-one system

Scheidel-Chemie located in Hirschaid has developed a new surface protection in cooperation with Wismar University of Applied Sciences, hence, combining classical hydrophobization with permanent...

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Multifunctional ­insulation wall

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