Even the formwork is made of precast ­concrete elements

In its Pojuca plant, around 70 km north of Salvador da Bahia, the company Siscobras manufactures multi-layer container elements and in future solid concrete prison cells of very high strength and with high-quality surface finishes. The customers of these unusual products are primarily Brazilian penal institutions and police stations.

Around 15 years ago at company headquarters in Canoas, the graduated engineer Henrique Deboni and his Brother Carlos began to develop their company at todays production facility Ivotí in in the southernmost Brazilian Federal State of Rio Grande do Sul. Their work now continues in the northeast: in Pojuca near Salvador da Bahia. The familiy enterprise Sistemas Construtivos do Brasil S. A. (Siscobras), a leading manufacturer of prefabricated modular spatial systems, opened an additional plant in the spring of 2015. The hall has a size of 33,000 m², and the total area of company grounds covers...

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