E-Betoonelement/Lasbet Tootmine

Estonian precast concrete production ­enjoying growth

Similar to the neighboring country Latvia, the precast concrete industry sees an economic upswing in Estonia too. The manufacturers E-Betoonelement based in Harku and Lasbet Tootmine based in Tallinn are presented as examples.

As measured by the area, Estonia takes the 129th place on the world scale; however, based on the population it even only takes the 150th place. At the same time, Estonians generate a considerable gross domestic product of about 13,800 euros per capita - that is higher than in the other Baltic states Lithuania (11,700) and Latvia (11,600). The European Commission forecasts a growth in G.D.P. of just under 2 % for Estonia in 2014.

According to the EU forecast, investments in machinery and equipment are said to increase by 4 % this year, which however is rather related to the overall construction...

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