Device for producing a perforated concrete structure having a single or multiple offset...

(10) WO 2020/109735 Al

(22) 28.11.2019

(43) 04.06.2020

(57) The invention relates to a device and an associated method for producing a perforated concrete structure having a single or multiple offset on the thickness of the „3D mesh“ (50), comprising a rigid mold block (10) which is made of machined polymer and comprises at least one molding plate (10a), said molding plate comprising reservations (12) having respectively a clearance of less than 10 degrees, all or part of the reservations (12) advantageously having an overthickness (15) on the upper surface.

(71) (71)RDECOF [FR/FR] ; 24 Rue du Tremblant, 12740 Sebazac-Concoures (FR). CENTRE D‘ETUDES ET DE RECHERCHES DE L‘INDUSTRIE
DU BETON[FR/FR] ; 1 Rue des Longs Reages, CS10010, 28230 Eper­non (FR).

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