Ongoing professional education

Continuing education to qualify as specialist engineer / specialist planner / specialist site supervisor for pavement construction (EIPOS)

In Germany, around 50 % of all communal traffic areas are paved with concrete blocks or slabs. These pavements are also of great significance in the private sphere, in garden design and landscaping construction, and for paving logistics surfaces. For these applications, a wide range of diverse materials, formats, patterns, and construction methods is available. Damage to the pavements occur regularly, despite the comprehensive body of rules that exists for pavement construction in Germany.

Ongoing professional education addresses this problem and provides expert knowledge on pavement construction methods (bound and unbound), on slab surfacing, and on permeable pavements. Basics of engineering practice, construction management, and legal topics are provided in practice-oriented seminars. Dimensioning procedures and planning fundamentals, as well as their constructive implementation, are explained. The properties of building materials and building products as well as their testing are discussed, as are the targeted selection of building materials and building products. The participants will learn how to carry out qualified planning, correct bid invitations, expertly construct pavements and slab surfacing, as well as supervise and accept construction works in accordance with good engineering practice. Beginning on 17 January 2019, EIPOS – in collaboration with TU Dresden and its Department of Road Construction – will offer for the third time ongoing qualification programs for specialist engineers, specialist planners, and site supervisors for pavement construction.

These ongoing qualification programs are financed by the following associations in the sector: Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie e.V.; Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes e.V.; Betonverband Strasse, Landschaft, Garten e.V.; Bundesverband der Deutschen Ziegelindustrie e.V.; Deutscher Naturwerkstein-Verband e.V.; Landesinnungsverband des Sächsischen Straßenbaugewerbes; IG Deutscher Pflasterer; and Steinsetzer e.V.

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