Concrete wall block

(11) AU2017228669 (A1)

(57) A stacked concrete wall is disclosed comprising: a plurality of stacked concrete wall blocks, each wall block including a body having a front portion and a rear portion, top and bottom faces and a pair of side walls, the front portion of each block including a front face and the rear portion being in the shape of a prism and including a rear face with lateral edges, each wall block further including a lateral lip protruding from at least one of the side walls to a terminal edge and coplanar with the front face for spacing the body of the wall block from the body of the adjacent block placed side by side thereto, the front face having an irregular peripheral edge and a three-dimensional surface structure embossed into the front face by a stripper shoe in the dry casting process, and a multifaced sidewall following the irregular peripheral edge, providing the front portion the visual appearance of a natural stone, wherein the plurality of wall blocks are stacked into at least two rows with the top and bottom faces of each wall block placed opposite a stacked wall block located above or below, and wherein each row includes multiple wall blocks placed side by side with the side walls of each wall block opposite respectively adjacent wall blocks in the same row and with the terminal edges of the lateral lips of directly adjacent wall blocks always engaging to provide the wall with a continuous front surface having the appearance of a natural stone wall.

(71) Les Matériaux de Construction Oldcastle Canada, Inc.

(73) Daoust, Robert; Castonguay, Bertin; Evans, Tamara; Penterman, John

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