Concrete systems – freedom of design

The technical possibilities for aesthetic design of concrete elements are numerous and manifold. Sika View concrete systems from Sika Deutschland open up opportunities for designing architectural concrete components exactly to the specifications of architects and clients/owners.

There are virtually no limitations for creative design with architectural concrete: whether in basement areas or for prestigious construction elements. Architectural concrete is subject to many and various creative design requirements. The Sika View Basic building system enables manufacture precisely to specifications of robust architectural concrete with optimal flow behavior and for outstanding compaction of the fresh concrete. This system is suitable for use in projects with basic design requirements: for example, in basement areas.

Sika View Classic, on the other hand, is outstandingly suited for the manufacture of low-porosity architectural concrete. The voids that form on the surface during placement of fresh concrete are greatly reduced with Sika View Classic. This concrete system is used for designing components subject to normal design requirements, such as staircases. The Sika View Premium variety is especially well suited for the manufacture of concretes of high color brilliance. With the addition of admixture Sika Control AE‑10, the structural component is rendered hydrophobic over the entire cross-section, The result is a superior color effect as desired, for example, in living spaces. Sika View Premium Plus, developed for components that must meet maximum requirements for durability and appearance, rounds off the Sika offer of concrete systems.


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