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Issue 01/2010 Patent

Mixing arm of Pucest®

Every concrete worker is familiar with the pictures of a worn out mixing arm bearing and spring units with hardened concrete residues. As is well-known, all these may result in numerous problems. Pan...

Issue 09/2017 Eirich

Mixing technology for lightweight concrete

The demand for high-quality mixes is increasing. Meeting this demand is often difficult, if not impossible. The reason for this is that mixing processes, as described in the literature, are always...

Issue 02/2013 Production of high-performance concretes to specification

Rheology-based mixing process management

Rationale High-performance concretes (HPCs) are becoming increasingly attractive in construction practice due to their very dense matrix that results in outstanding durability and strength parameters....

Issue 10/2011 50 years of Teka

Global success in mixing systems and mixing plant ­engineering

Teka Maschinenbau GmbH, founded in 1961, has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance mixers and mixing plants for the building materials industry. Based on...

Issue 01/2011 Tradition and Development

An Entirely New Mixing Technology

The first ring trough mixer was manufactured in 1903. But the system-inherent drawbacks of this mixer type were soon apparent: inadequate mix circulation on the inner orbit and excessive wear on the...