Concrete connector body for an offshore wind turbine

(10) 2028088

(22) 28.04.2021

(43) 03.11.2021

(57) Offshore structure that is provided with a supporting system with one, two, three or more suction buckets (1) to be installed in the seabed, which buckets are fastened to the rest of the foundation system and with a star-shaped, seen in top view, connector body (6) of reinforced mineral cement concrete with the same number of external corners as there are suction buckets, which external corners are formed by the radial outwardly extending arms which provide the star shape and with a single vertical central column (5) placed centrally between the suction buckets, seen in top view, formed by a single tube and made of e.g. thin-walled steel, which carries the gondola of the windmill at its top, the gondola with the rotor blades at least 20 meters above the local water level.

(71) SPT Equipment BV te Woerden

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