Concrete building block and methods

(10) US 2021/0207336 Al

(22) 17.05.2019

(43) 08.07.2021

(57) A concrete block includes a dry cast concrete body having opposite first and second sides, opposite first and second end faces extending between the first and second sides, and opposite first and second bearing faces extending between the first and second sides and the first and second end faces. Each of the first and second bearing faces defines an inset region sized to receive a key that will also fit into the inset region of a like block stacked thereon. The body has at least a pair of rod-receiving apertures extending completely there-through between the first and second sides to permit attach­ment to a like block through the first and second sides with a rod extending through each of the apertures. The block can be tapered to form curved walls.


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Baustein und Verfahren

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