Concrete building block

(10) US D902,444 S

(22) 24.01.2019

(45) 17.11.2020

(57) The ornamental design for a concrete building block, as shown and described.
1. Concrete building block
FIG. 1.1 is a perspective view of a concrete building block;

FIG. 1.2 is a front view thereof; FIG. 1.3 is a back view thereof; FIG. 1.4 is a top view thereof; FIG. 1.5 is a bottom view thereof; FIG. 1.6 is a right side view thereof; FIG. 1.7 is a left side view thereof; and FIG. 1.8 is a cross-sectional view thereof taken along line 1.8 in FIG. 1.2.
The broken lines shown in FIGS. 1.1-1.8 illustrate portions of the concrete building block that form no part of the claimed design.
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(71) ASURO Co., LTD., Saitama (JP)

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