Concrete based on alkali-activated granulated blast-furnace slag (Part 1)

Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS), a byproduct of the basic iron-making process, is used in Germany almost exclusively as principal constituent in the manufacture of cements containing granulated blast-furnace slag. In future, this will in all likelihood continue to be its principal utilization.

However, not only the manufacturers and processors of granulated blast-furnace slag are interested in using GGBFS as the basis for innovative binders. Actually, indeed, small- and medium-sized companies that manufacture concrete products and precast concrete components are also interested, particularly for facilities used in wastewater treatment and other special-purpose products for use in chemically highly aggressive environments. The objective of the investigations described in the following was to develop concretes with an especially high resistance to chemicals and whose binders consist...

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