Concrete and color

An article on the coloring of concrete on the BFT International website (//" target="_blank" > has received hundreds of clicks, consistently every month, for many years now. “That must be an analysis error,” we thought at first. But a check by our Internet Department showed: the figures are correct. The clicks are from verifiable visits by real, existing people.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this: the topic of coloring concrete is of great and ongoing interest among the specialists of our segment of industry. That is really not surprising – since there are many influencing factors that must be taken into account and controlled during production of colored concrete products and precast concrete elements.

Concrete and color is the thematic focal point of the present issue. The article “Coloring concrete –which factors are important” calls to mind the basics of working with coloring pigment.

Editor Silvio Schade visited the production facilities of Revelstone in Cape Town, South Africa. This manufacturer of concrete products banks on a broad portfolio of numerous varieties of color and surface textures. Revelstone products adorn, among others, the airport of the metropolis at the southern tip of the African continent.

Colored concrete products were used to enhance many squares and major roads in advance of the still ongoing World Cup in the Russian capital. Three videos on the BFT International YouTube channel provide insights into concrete products production (SR-Schindler finishing line at Fabrika Gotika, Topwerk Group production line at Fabrika Gotika) and the production of precast elements for the Otkrytiye Arena (Fifa Worldcup 2018 –Stadium Otkrytiye Arena).


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