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Afinitas, one of the leading global infrastructure equipment and services companies, announced at the 2022 National Precast Concrete Association Meeting in Kansas City that it will now offer Afinitas SmartSet Concrete Curing Solutions for precast, pipe, block, paver and pre-stress products and aggregate heating needs worldwide out of its Mediapolis, IA, manufacturing facility.

The Afinitas Curing Team rolled on to the show floor, literally, in its new 20-foot long, fully stocked, SmartSet Curing Solutions service van to tout the new product and on-site services offering. Afinitas SmartSet Curing Solutions will include a line of direct-fired steam generators for concrete curing as well as installation and turnkey services, annual on-site services, retrofits, and upgrades, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, a vast parts inventory and a dedicated technical team.


Afinitas Announces New Curing Solutions Offering

The SmartSet Curing technical team is led by industry curing expert Dan Hodel, Chief Engineer of Afinitas Curing Systems, who has more than 20 years of experience in concrete curing solutions. He will be assisted by Ed Fisher, Afinitas Service Technician, a 10-year veteran in the field, who will run the on-site service van program.

“Afinitas is thrilled to bring the industry this complete curing solution, which rounds out our existing offering of kiln structures, piping, controls and moving floors,” said Hodel. “The convenience of one supplier for all your curing needs, as well as the technical expertise and resources of Afinitas will benefit our producer partners with durable, reliable and quality products.”




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