Combined anchor and fastener assembly especially intended for concrete structures ...

(10) WO 2020/051218 Al

(22) 04.09.2019

(43) 12.03.2020)

(57) A combined anchor and fastener that includes an anchor baseplate having at least one throughbore extending between a top surface and a bottom surface of the anchor baseplate. An elongated post is coupled to the anchor baseplate with an at least partially threaded, internal cylindrical bore for receipt of a mechanical fas­tener which extends between a first end and a second end of the post whereupon the post internal bore is in alignment and registry with the throughbore of the baseplate. The post includes a second end portion depending from the bottom surface of the anchor baseplate such that the bottom surface of the anchor baseplate is configured to abut and lie generally flush against a portion of a concrete structure apart from a portion which is covered by the post second end portion ...

(71) NILL, Lance [US/US]; Southhampton, NY 11968 (US).

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