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Coatings for high-security laboratory

Friedrich Loeffler Institute located in the Baltic Sea island Riems is one of just three high-security laboratories all over the world involved in researching health of agricultural livestock as well as zoonoses, that is to say infections transmitted from animals to humans. As part of an expansion of the institute, two new building complexes were constructed on an overall floor space of 62,500 m². The new buildings have to comply with the highest safety regulations in order to prevent any leakage of infectious pathogens.

Therefore, even several, differently structured coating systems of Sika...

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(10) WO 2013/019134 A1 (22) 1 September 2011 (01.09.2011) (43) 7 February 2013 (07.02.2013) (57) The invention relates to a building structure comprising composite floor slabs and pre-cast wall...


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