Building faster with Liapor elements

Building in high quality, sustainable and particularly fast – this demand can be perfectly realized by the prefabricated elements made of Liapor lightweight concrete. Most recent example: a new apartment building in the German city of Renningen. Kastell GmbH located in Veringenstadt was responsible for the shell construction, and construction site management was taken over by SchwörerHaus KG Komplettbau based in Simgaringen.

„Enabling us to erect, in particular, the building shell in the shortest possible time, we used precast construction with prefabricated elements here,“ emphasizes Ewald Bantle of SchwörerHaus KG. For this purpose, among others, 180 wall elements made of Liapor lightweight concrete in strength class LAC 2 were produced by Kastell GmbH.

A natural with many advantages

„The accurately fitting wall elements made of Liapor lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure are provided with all block-outs for later installation of building services and ensure a particularly fast construction progress,“ confirms Bernhard Schmitt, site manager at Kastell GmbH.

The Liapor elements are insensitive to frost and moisture, and complying with fire resistance class F180 they even meet the highest fire protection requirements. Last but not least, the Liapor expanded clay spheres also ensure very good sound insulation values and a pleasant, always balanced indoor climate. The Liapor expanded clay spheres with their fine, air-filled porous inner structure and the sintered, ceramic outer shell are responsible for these excellent properties.

After the completion of the elaborate foundation works reaching up to 8 m deep, the shell was built for the apartment building in Renningen – in fact at a possibly record-breaking pace: „Thanks to the dimensionally accurate wall elements, one residential floor could be realized within a week,“ reports site manager Ewald Bantle. „Accordingly, the other installation works could be carried out rapidly, too. The custom-made windows could also be easily installed in the exactly fitting wall openings.“ Hence, the building shell was completed after just over four weeks.


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