Becoming market leader in Southeast Asia with “Bonna Pipe”

Since 2005, various precast concrete elements have been manufactured at the factory in Bogor near Jakarta under the company name of PT Bonna Indonesia, a joint venture between the French company Bonna Sabla and the Indonesian Dusaspun. An outstanding product within the product range is “Bonna Pipe”, a special high-strength RCCP pressure pipe with internal ­diameters of up to 3,500 mm.

In the island of Java, about 30 km south of the Indonesian metropolitan region of Jakarta, PT Bonna Indonesia, a joint venture between the French company Bonna Sabla, a subsidiary of the Consolis group, and the Indonesian company Dusaspun, manufactures RCCP pressure pipes and other precast concrete elements. Aside from the energy sector (e.g., piping systems for water cooling for electric power plants onshore and offshore including intake heads) the company supplies products for other applications (mining, oil and gas production), to the water and wastewater sector as well as to the cement,...

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