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Bauma: Mobile terminals in precast concrete production

Unitechnik shows from 15 to 21 April at the bauma trade show in hall B1, at stand 129, how the use of tablet PCs and smartphones can make concrete products production more efficient. The main arguments in favor of a mobile connection to the control processor UniCAM are as follows: faster access to data, increased concentration on core tasks, and greater attractiveness of the workplace.

The exhibitor provides information on the latest devices that stand up to the rough production environment and gives manufacturer-independent advice on the most suitable solution. A plant manager must continuously keep track of all production statistics and must be able to view them on the tablet PC while away from his office. A maintenance engineer, on the other hand, will more likely pick up the smartphone to quickly read possible malfunction messages from the plant and to keep his hands free for work. Unitechnik knows all these situations in day-to-day production and provides specific counseling on how to introduce mobile terminals in a production environment. With UniCAM, the company offers a control processor that coordinates CAD/CAM-controlled production of precast concrete products, already tried and tested in more than 200 installations. At Bauma 2013, the automation specialist demonstrates how mobile terminals can provide access to this control processor and add flexibility to the individual control functions in production flow.

The advantages gained from tablet PCs and smartphones in production range from rearranging of a pallet loading in a matter of seconds to more efficient use of operators, since the control stand need no longer be permanently manned. On request, several production facilities can be visualized on one terminal.



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