Bauma 2016 premiere: the new Wasa Tecboard

Trade shows essentially rely on their “world firsts” and product innovations. These are perhaps the single most important reason why such events attract so many visitors. Once again, exhibitors have announced a large number of new products to be displayed at Bauma 2016.

Wasa AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, will showcase its new, completely revised Tecboard at Bauma. Wasa CEO, Matthias Bechtold, told us more about the specific technical modifications in an exclusive pre-event interview with BFT International.

BFT International: Mr Bechtold, you want to present the new Wasa Tecboard at Bauma 2016. Which are the improvements you implemented for this plastic production board?

Matthias Bechtold: We’ve basically done three things: firstly, we modified the plastic material. The ‘old’ Tecboard consisted of a wood-plastic compound, but we now use a pure plastic material that contains no wood anymore. Secondly, we altered the honeycomb structure, particularly the thickness of the inner ribs, and we reinforced the board’s outside. Thirdly, and this is perhaps the most significant innovation that will likely have the biggest impact, we inserted rectangular tubes in the board, which contributed to achieving an enormously enhanced rigidity …

The complete interview on improved board rigidity and impact resistance, durability and customer service options has been recorded on video and is available on the BFT Inter­national website at www.bft-international.com. Or just scan the QR code below using your smartphone and watch the video.

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