Automatically improved performance through modernization

Production processes have proven themselves, competitive advantages have been secured, and yet sooner or later the time will come: The machine has a certain age forcing to think about adequate measures: replacing or retrofitting?

Before a threatening machine downtime will bring everyday production to a standstill, a decision should be made and ideally should already has been implemented. Supplying spare parts for older machines, in particular, regarding electronics is hardly possible or even not possible at all because these parts are no longer available on the market. Various upgrading or retrofitting levels enable an automation process, corresponding to the current state of the art and increasing the efficiency of the plant substantially.

Among the industry, the mbk company has built up a reputation for itself as a quality manufacturer of machines and equipment as well as a service-oriented company, offering among others modernization of machines in various expansion stages and price categories. These modernization measures for mbk machines of an older generation increase and secure the operational reliability, thus reducing the operating costs considerably. Hence, it is possible to extend the field of application and to increase the production output.

New technologies such as touch screen, modern computers, and control systems as well as optimized programs relieve the users substantially. Solutions for automation are not reserved for large-scale production only; automation technology is also possible and interesting when it comes to the production of small-scale series or even a single piece by using highly flexible systems.

Service orientation means much more

Mbk ensures the high level of customer satisfaction with their perfectly trained and motivated service personnel at the headquarters in Kisslegg as well as at all subsidiaries, agencies and spare part and wear part warehouses throughout the world. A professional and smooth installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of machines is guaranteed in this way. Comprehensive trainings for our customers regarding the use, operation and handling of the machines are also part of our after sales service. We offer a high level of availability for spare and wear parts through our worldwide presence and perfect network, thus guaranteeing minimum outage times.

So as to come back to everyday production routine as soon as possible in case of a breakdown and not to risk expensive machine downtime, we also offer the possibility of a LAN/WLAN connection for fast reaction via the mbk hotline service and assisting in troubleshooting. Appropriate updates increase the production stability accordingly. Mbk offers different contracts both for the hotline service and the regular service and maintenance and repair service, this ensures preventive service and maintenance of the machines in a professional manner, thus reducing downtimes considerably.

A large portfolio of optional accessories is available for every machine made by mbk. Expansions such as the automated wrapping wire cutter, longitudinal wire feed from bunch or coil as well as the customized cage transport systems, cage removal and nesting systems are also possible.

Retrofits for mbk customers

Quite recently, extensive retrofits at the equipment of mbk customers were successfully carried out. For one thing, a BSM 440-O, built in 1987, was concerned. The modernization comprised the complete control console, touch panel, latest drive technology, welding control system of the latest generation, new servo motors with safety encoders, a new hydraulic system, a new welding carriage, a new main wheel with spokes, duplex chain and slider set, a new set of oval welding angles with wire guiding tubes, the full renewal of the pneumatic system including valve technology and automated pressure adjustment at the welding roller, the full renewal of the sensors, the extension of the basic frame, the complete pneumatically controlled wrapping wire break, AWDS, a new water decooler, the automated main wheel lubrication, new protective gratings, and new safety light barriers.

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