Automatic welding machines covering every precast application

Eurobend GmbH offers a comprehensive line of automatic machines covering every precast application: From the entry level welding lines producing simple reinforcing elements to complete lines producing engineering mesh, mesh with openings, mesh/rebar spacers, lattice girders, and straightened bars up to 25mm and rebar stirrups in 2-D & 3-D forms etc.

Welding lines—Series PL X-Y & PLC AMM

The latest mesh welding machines for the production of special, customized mesh and mesh with openings for use in wall panels are equipped with the unique feed system patented by Eurobend, which eliminates idle times due to wire diameter changes. Any type of mesh can be produced immediately without manual adjustments.

The models of the PL X-Y and PLC AMM series are available for both small and high production rates and offer a very high level of flexibility without the need for adjustments. For the production of special mesh and mesh with openings for windows and doors, it is possible to weld different line and cross wire lengths (and diameters within the same mesh.

The feeding of the line and cross wires is done fully automatically by two Flexiline rotor straightening and cutting machines with extremely fast wire diameter changing system in about 3s (patented).

Programmable, servomotor-driven single or double Y-axis welding head configuration with 4 or 8 welding points per cycle (PL X-Y series) or multi-head configuration with up to 81 fixed welding heads (PLC AMM series). Cold drawn or hot rolled material up to 20 mm from pre-cut bars or from coils can be processed.

Additional optional systems available include:

Fully automatic mesh bending modules that can be installed in line with the welding line to produce bent mesh;

Robot transport systems for the automatic transfer of the produced mesh to the circulating pallets;

Mesh buffer and storage systems.

The PLR Basic series

Welding machines for entry into mesh production, established worldwide and known for their simple machine design, the reliable and cost-effective production of mesh in small series from pre-cut bars. Depending on the model, diameter ranges from 3 mm to 32 mm can be processed. All machine versions are equipped with independent and individually adjustable welding heads that cover different product widths and line wire spacing.

Line wires are fed from pre-cut bars, either manually into the welding heads or through a line wire pre-feeding carrier and where cross wires are fed automatically through a rack or disc-type feeder.

Ideal for order-related and just-in-time production

Flexible rotor straightening machines up to 25mm – the MELC Flexiline and Syntheton series: Equipped with the latest development from Eurobend engineers, the maintenance-free 5G rotor (patent). Diameters up to 25mm can be processed. Robotic coil opening systems and pay-off stations up to 10T complete the range.

The combination of the Flexiline principle in combination with an integrated, fully automatic double bending system with bending tool change in 1 s, the Syntheton series, offers a complete rebar processing center.Diameter changes and operating mode changes between the straightening machine and the bending stations take place automatically via the machine program.

All MELC Flexiline and Syntheton machines are equipped with the unique Eurobend convergence guide system for automatic diameter / coil change in approx. 3 seconds without mechanically moving parts (patent). The extremely fast and automatic coil change enables the production of different reinforcement diameters and bending shapes in the same batch (order-related production). A flying shear that is common to all lines enables uninterrupted operation.

Stirrup bending machines - the G-STAR Series

The extensive range of automatic bending machines from Eurobend, from coil or straight bars for the production of 2-D and 3-D stirrups and shapes, includes a number of different machine variants. Starting with the entry-level model of the G-STAR Eco series up to the top models of the G-Star ASA & AWC Tris series, which offers, among others, automatic straightening roller adjustment and automatic diameter changing system. Excellent straightening and accurate feeding without damaging the rebar ribs thanks to powered straightening rollers.

The lower rollers of the straightening blocks are driven and thus generate a positive, precise and evenly distributed feed force. The electrically adjustable anti-twist system always ensures flat shapes. In the case of 3D forms, the patented ATE system is also activated if required, whereby perfect 3D forms are produced regardless of the axial twisting of the reinforcing steel and the bending direction (patent).

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