An alternative tabular method for fire protection design of reinforced concrete columns - Explanations to the new Annex C of DIN EN 1992-1-2/A1

An A1-Amendment [2] of Eurocode 2 – DIN EN 1991-1-2: “Structural Fire Design” [1] had been published in November of 2019. The new Annex C: “Buckling of columns under fire conditions”
of this A1-Amendment incorporates 7 design tables for the fire resistance
classes R30 to R240. These tabular methods provide another
possibility for the fire protection design of reinforced-concrete
columns with rectangular cross-sections in stiffened and unstiffened structures. The excerpt of a table is given as an example.

The scientific background and the validation of the new Annex C including the associated restrictions will be explained in parts in the panel. Based on this principles, the use of the tables given in Annex C will be allowed henceforth in Germany too (A2-Amendment [5]
of the National Annex [3]). An interpolating application of the new tables in practice will be explained on the basis of two design examples.

Extensive background information and an outlook for the planned extension of the scope of application of these tables in the next generation of Eurocode will be included in [6].

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