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Again great response to in-house exhibition

The engineering companies Hess Group, SR-Schindler, Prinzing-Pfeiffer, and Hess AAC Systems offered from 27 to 28 September joint presentations as Top-Werk Group for their customers and the interested trade public at the in-house exhibition in Burbach, Germany. A total of 350 trade visitors from various regions of the world attended the event on both fair days.

The Hess Group, based in Burbach, had manufactured around 1000 machines already by the time when the first in-house exhibition was held, three years ago. By now, this number has increased further. “Apart from the models RH 2,000-3 MVA, RH 1,500-3 VA, and RH 600-2 VA, we presented, for example, an SM 2,250-3 mixer, a washing unit for double stacked boards with oscillators,  a 5-level board stack finger car, and a 22-level finger car with a loadbearing capacity of 14 tons and a lot of circulation components, partly during production,” explains Managing Director Tobias Hess. The list of customers that have already ordered some of the exhibited machines and systems – partly still under construction or in trial run – range from block manufacturers in Germany to companies in Italy, Georgia, and the United Arab Emirates, and extend to companies located overseas in such areas as the USA and South Korea.

Hess Group, SR-Schindler, Prinzing-Pfeiffer and AAC

Prinzing-Pfeiffer aroused considerable interest as well with its broad range of concrete infrastructure products – for example, for pipe and manhole production, and including the Primuss concrete milling robot. As a result, Managing Director Oliver Rauter was very satisfied: “This in-house exhibition is an excellent opportunity for presenting Prinzing-Pfeiffer as innovative company under the umbrella of the high-performance Top-Werk Group. One of the production machines shown at the exhibition had already been ordered by an Australian manufacturer. Special thanks go to the colleagues from Hess, who once again succeeded in excellent organization of the event.

Hess AAC Systems excelled in such presentations as a true-to-detail miniature model of an autoclaved aerated concrete plant, with which the individual steps of the production process could be illustrated.

Also present at the exhibition, though this time not with their own machines, were representatives of SR Schindler from Regensburg, Germany. “Last time we exhibited a complete finishing line together with the associated sample blocks,” says Sales Manager Petra Schweyer. “This year we participated only with a pure information stand. The reason for this is obvious: business at SR-Schindler is presently excellent, so that processing the many inquiries from customers and specific orders have absolute priority.”

Live demonstrations at the after-sales service stand

Live demonstrations of after-sales service were among the other highlights. Apart from  the introduction of new service products and demonstrations at the hydraulic measuring test bench with hydraulic measurements, the concrete-technology generation of a grading curve was demonstrated to interested visitors.

Furthermore, the topics and dates of the Hess Training Academy were announced for the coming years. This includes basic courses in Russia (January), Germany (from January to March), the United Arab Emirates (April), North America (still in the planning stage), as well as intensive courses in Germany (October and November 2018).


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