Advanced panel AAC plant for Australia’s CSR Hebel

CSR Hebel, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) in Australia, is expanding its capacity by building a second production line in Somersby, Australia. This highly-automated plant is specially designed for panel production only and will have a capacity of 300,000 m3 per year.

The facility will be equipped with the latest available Aircrete technology, making it one of the world’s most advanced and highly-automated AAC panel plants.

Steve Zebib, COO of CSR Hebel’s AAC Building Products division, mentioned: “We specialize in panel systems and so to complement our already panel-focused plant, we have prepared extensively in the design and capability of the plant that we want. Our goal is to provide solutions to the building industry, not just panels, and to achieve that goal in our new plant, we needed to partner with solution providers who are agile in design whilst bringing proven base capability. We selected Aircrete Europe based on their proven panel technology and profound knowledge of AAC systems as well as dynamic engineering capabilities which allowed us to design making panels the way we want to make panels.”

Continuously improving

CSR Hebel, subsidiary of CSR Limited, a major stock-listed, building materials group, is a manufacturer and integrated solution provider of AAC building systems. The company is specialized in the production of AAC panels and panel building applications, ranging from wall, floor and cladding systems.

The project reconfirms Aircrete Europe’s leading position as a technology provider for AAC panel systems worldwide. Aircrete continuously strives to develop and improve their solutions to support customers in becoming more successful.

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