A new generation of water-soluble bags for pigments

Cathay Industries, one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide pigments, has recently developed a new generation of water-soluble bags for coloring ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete components. The pigments are supplied in ready packed bags for adding during the mixing process. In this way, the workers are protected against particles as a contact with the powder pigment in the manufacturing process is avoided. The entire package dissolves during production without residue.

With fewer steps to the right color

The bags enable an easy and fast reproduction of the mixture resulting in a uniform color appearance owing to a constant color addition. Cathay Industries makes use for their entire range of UV resistant pigments of the brand Ferrotint for filling the packages. Only after a few working steps, building materials like concrete brilliantly shine in red or yellow, for instance, thanks to the water-soluble bags.

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