A batch mixer for mixing concrete and a method for mixing concrete in a batch mixer

(11) EP 2 617 544 A1
(22) 20.01.2012
(43) 24.07.2013
(71) Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S, 8600 Silkeborg (DK) (57) Disclosed is a batch mixer (1) for mixing concrete. The mixer (1) comprises a mixing pan (2) having a bottom surface (4) from which a cylindrical sidewall (21) protrudes and one or more discharge openings (3). The mixer (1) further comprises a mixer unit (5) including a mixer unit drive (6) and one or more mixing means (7), wherein the mixing means (7) comprises at least one rotatable mixing star (15) having a rotational axis (16) arranged eccentrically with the centre axis (17) of the...

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