60 years partner of the concrete product industry

“The production of molds may not be too difficult” – this were the first words of the present general manager and graduated mechanical engineer, Wilhelm Schuldalbers, when he joined the company in 1983. However, the opposite was true when the young engineer made his first concrete product mold himself. Now the manager born in the Emsland region of Germany smiles on the former naivety and proudly adds: “At the present time, fast implementation and realization of individual customer requests are the most important things for our company. Having a workforce of 50 people, we are in the position to respond very fast to customers’ problems and concerns as far as mold making and machine engineering as well as spare parts are concerned!”

It all started in 1953/54 with blacksmith work, horseshoeing and trailer construction. Now the production facility of Lammers Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH is running with the latest automated machine technology at the present company headquarters in Haren-Erika just 3 km away from the Dutch border. The team realizes customer requests with the aid of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology.

Slatted floor production plants for the world

In the early 1970s, Lammers specialized in the field of mold making. Satisfied customers all over the world are synonymous with cooperating with the concrete product industry on the basis of partnership. “For us, a major share of the regular customers over the past 25 to 30 years provides evidence of such good partnership,” Schuldalbers says.

In classic machine engineering, the second pillar of the company, Lammers is a valued partner of the concrete product industry too. Worth mentioning here is the quick production of spare parts for block making machines, feeding boxes, vibrating tables and wear plates.

The plants for the production of slatted floors are also enjoying great popularity in the meantime. No matter whether hand-operated, semi-automated or fully-automated, plants and equipment made in Haren-Erika are manufacturing in numerous countries across the world – starting with China and Russia up to EU countries, precisely fitting precast concrete products are the result of the engineering expertise from the Emsland region.

Consistent further ­development

An effective network of national and international sales staff passes on ideas and requests obtained from customer discussions to the engineering department thus providing for a continuous further development of the production.

In the opinion of Schuldalbers, Lammers is well-prepared for the future: The company site is perfectly connected to highway A31, furthermore, providing sufficient space for additional areal expansions. In the last four years, Gerd, the son of Schuldalbers, also became acquainted with sales and production of the family-owned company allowing for a smooth transfer of the company to the third generation.

The sixty-year-old senior is curious on the further development in the field of mold making – will there be new materials or even new production methods? “Impressive developments took place in the production of molds for concrete products during the last 30 years; it is quite likely that we are still far away from the end of the story. However, based on the right know-how of materials and technology as well as the right competence and experience, mold making has become a passion for me,”added Schuldalbers finally.


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