J. Lehde

27-m reinforced-concrete girder for chairlift

Wintersport-Arena Sauerland secured the support of J. Lehde GmbH based in Soest as part of its preparations for the coming skiing season: a new six-person chairlift has just been completed on the Büre-Herrloh hill near Winterberg, replacing an older, smaller lift. For the new valley station building, J. Lehde supplied and installed the 615-m² roof, which consists of a total of 30 precast reinforced-concrete girders. Boasting a length of 27 m and weighing some 64 t, one of the girders supplied by Lehde has broken all previous company records. The massive design of the special structural element is required to enable subsequent mounting of the chairlift’s bullwheel. The elements were transported to Winterberg on special trucks late one evening in October and assembled on site with the help of an extra-large crane.


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