Schöck expands service portfolio

The statement „time is money“ remains valid in the construction industry. Therefore, the building component supplier Schöck based in Baden-Baden (Germany) has combined its competences in the field of reinforcement technology in a business unit under the motto “Die Bewehrungshelfer” (the reinforcement aids) and has expanded the services. Designers and processors have the opportunity to contact the engineers of Schöck concerning any question in terms of statics, structure or even building physics.

Apart from personal advice and support for individual calculations or detailed drawings, the company also offers direct on-site attendance of the installation. In addition to this, there are self-explanatory installation instructions and trainings.


Delivery within 48 hours

All reinforcement products of Schöck, the punching shear reinforcement Schöck Bole, the dowel system of Schöck, the glass fiber reinforcement Schöck ComBar and the stainless steel reinforcement of Schöck, are subject to extensive tests and most of them are approved by DIBt (German Institute of Construction Technology). Moreover, all products are internationally certified. This fact provides additional security and reliability in the course of tightly scheduled building projects.

The design software, provided free of charge by Schöck on the company’s website, simplifies the design of standard and customized solutions. The program supports the designer in selecting the right product, in the structural verification and in reinforcement planning. An automated update service guarantees that the latest standards and regulations are always taken into account. Schöck has also improved the delivery service. Delivery is now possible within 48 hours.

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