New clinical center in Stuttgart

Connecting new to old

Klinikum Stuttgart having a capacity of more than 2,300 regular hospital beds and day-care treatments represents about 40% of the hospital beds available in the capital of the state Baden-Württemberg. The clinical center is one of the largest and most efficient health care centers in Germany.

The medical specialists of the four associated hospitals (Bürgerhospital, Katharinen Hospital, Bad Cannstatt Hospital, Olga Hospital) cover the full range of modern high-performance medicine. Owing to the restructuring and expansion, the so far four locations shall be concentrated on Stuttgart-Mitte and Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The Bürgerhospital and the Olga Hospital will be closed.


40,000 m² of new floor space

The aim is to convert Klinikum Stuttgart into the most attractive and most efficient health care company of the region by 2015. The extensive building project is likewise the largest...

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