Start of Perfect Production at Bonna Sabla / France

Custom-made Large Manhole Bases

 The French Bonna Sabla group of companies is a member of EuropeanConsolis Group and one of the leading European precast producers. Due to the great product diversity offered by the French group, customers are provided with comprehensive solutions for all building and infrastructural projects. Consolis operates more than 130 factories in 25 countries. In 2008, the 10,000 employees of the group generated net sales of approx. 1.7 billion euros. Bonna Sabla became a member of the group in 2005. This long-established French brand is also very successful in the currently difficult market environment. We visited the Bonna Sabla production site in Cuise-Lamotte.

History of Bonna Sabla

At the end of the 19th century, Bonna was founded by Aimé Bonna, the inventor of the “âme-tôle” pipe (pipe with steel-sheet inner liner). Already at that time, processes were developed to supply the mobile construction sites in France and the neighboring countries. Roughly at the same time, the corporate history of Sabla began – a business that specialized in the production of precast products.

In 1924, the state-owned water utility CGE (Compagnie Générale des Eaux), which was the most important customer of Bonna at the time, bought the business. The company was renamed...

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