Tilting table production in Denmark

Concrete distributor as adaptor solution

In the summer of 2008, the Danish family enterprise Ambercon in Støvring near Aalborg commissioned a new tilting table production plant. Avermann played a major role in planning and implementing the plant. The crane-operated concrete distributor used for processing normal concrete and SCC was a detail solution. With this technology, the newly erected production halls can manufacture on a total of 32 tilting tables up to 1,500 m² façade and wall elements daily in three-shift operation.


Ambercon has evolved from S.E.. In order to expand the capacities and to increase the company’s production output, a restructuring was necessary. The greater part of the machine and production plant was timeworn. An extension of the existing grounds being out of the question, one decided on a new construction on a greenfield site.

A suitable site, well located logistically near the previous production facilities, was found and planning shifted into high gear. After carefully reviewing all options for the layout of the production, Ambercon finally decided on tilting table...

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