Assyx GmbH & Co. KG · Hall C1, booth 322

Assyx offers not only a high quality product; it supports customers also with best service before and after delivery. Experience and Know-How of the specialists combined with detailed inspection of the production process guarantees optimal usage of the Assyx DuroBoard®. And even if there occurs a fault during production, the company has the right solution. Because of its construction, the Assyx DuroBoard cannot break. Small impacts on the pallet can be repaired easily by the plant staff within minutes. The Assyx DuroBoard is one of the production pallets that can be repaired as good as new....

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Issue 2015-08 Assyx

New shareholder structure

Since May 2015, Alfred Rochlus has become co-partner of ­Assyx GmbH & Co. KG. Taking this step, the company honored the achievement of Rochlus, who has already been supporting Assyx since the...

Issue 2016-04 Assyx

Ten years of Assyx: ten years of absolutely top quality

In 2016, the German company Assyx will participate for the fourth time already at Bauma in Munich and present its Assyx DuroBoard production board. In this same year, Assyx will also celebrate its...

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High-Quality Block Pavings in the Long Run

The Peri Pave production pallet distinguishes itself by the highest standard of quality. The stable multiplex construction consists of high-quality birch plywood providing an enormous stability due to...

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Touchscreens in a rough production environment

Pallet rotation is the logistic backbone of a precast plant. It transports the pallets (frequently also referred to as tables) from one workstation to the next. Longitudinal transport typically takes...

Issue 2010-11 German Production Boards for the Middle East

Assyx DuroBoards® for Saudi Arabia

Following a successful introduction in the German and European markets, where Assyx already sold more than 150,000 boards, the company has meanwhile become an important business partner in the Middle...