Skjæveland Cementstøperi AS

Innovative precast elements for civil engineering in Norway

In 1946, Georg Hebnes established the company Skjæveland Cementstøperi AS in Sandnes, Norway. The site near Stavanger enables the transport of products by road, rail or ship. As a result, concrete products can be delivered to destinations across Norway if required. Today, the Multi-Blokk production facility also forms part of Skjæveland and manufactures concrete pavers and landscaping products (curbs, rims, hollow blocks etc.).

The first product ever manufactured there was a manhole ring for drinking-water wells. The current range mainly includes pipes, manholes and tanks. As a result of the demand-driven product development, the business is now also able to offer products specific to Norway, such as infiltration sand traps, slot drains, manhole bases with an integrated steel module for potable water networks, weights for underwater lines (capones), large planting rings or street manholes.

The company manufactures premium-quality products and must therefore meet demanding requirements in terms of quality control and...

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