A trend-setting sector

Advantages of the precast industry

The precast concrete industry is involved in the supply of sustainable solutions for the built environment. The sector employs more than 210,000 people in 8,000 production facilities across Europe, generating a turnover of more than 35 billion €. Precast concrete has a strong position in housing, commercial and infrastructure construction in many European countries. This is due to its pro-active development of prefabricated systems, a high degree of automation in production and short construction times.

Industrialized construction means cost efficiency, high quality, environmentally friendly solutions and also a great variety of architectural design options. Combined with energy-saving solutions and modern information and communications technology (ICT), these strengths will continue to add value for our society as a whole and for the construction sector in particular.


Building modeling with 3D

Building modeling and product model-based data management create the basis for the design, manufacture, construction, use and maintenance of buildings. They improve customer service, enhance and speed...

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