A new product optimizes manufacturing of concrete products

Special additive for higher water contents

The persistent balance between a too large and a too small amount of water in the course of manufacturing of concrete products is finally made easier. With the product Murasan Hydrotech 800 a new special additive has been developed for quality improvement in manufacturing of concrete products, which ensures a sufficient strength of newly demolded concrete elements despite vigorous fluctuations of the water contents.

Whereas the ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete industry predominantly makes use of plasticized and free-flowing concrete, concrete products, on contrary, are precast elements which are manufactured in automatic large-scale production. But, a sufficient strength is necessary so that the newly demolded concrete elements keep their shape. In this context one speaks about “green compressive strength” which is achieved through the mixture setup and intensive compaction in accordance with the principles of soil mechanics. A good green compressive strength is the pre-condition for a sufficient...

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