Upcrete® and SCC

A new production method for precast elements to meet highest demands

Moving out of its previous niche position, self-compacting concrete (SCC) is currently becoming an immensely popular construction material. Its application had previously been mainly limited to special projects that could not be realized using conventional concrete. The development of the Upcrete method, in which the concrete is pumped from the bottom into vertical molds, is now opening up new fields of use to SCC, as well as a considerable costsaving potential.

In the Benelux countries, however, the financial benefit of SCC for standard products has been recognized and implemented in precast plants early on. In the meantime, SCC has become increasingly popular with a growing number of precast producers. Obvious arguments speak in favor of using SCC in precast plants, such as its low-noise processing eliminating the need for vibration systems, the excellent surface quality of the products, the sharp edges of the concrete elements, and the resource-saving handling of molds as an asset. But the range of options this new material offers is not being...

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