Continuing education at the Prilhofer Institute

Successful building with precast concrete systems

The growing material prosperity worldwide and the demand for living space sparked by this development brought the precast construction sector an unprecedented upswing. The reasons for this boom are the high quality of precast construction, the fact that precast buildings are maintenance-free and the short construction time. The high demand from start-up countries generates at the same time an enormous demand for continuing education, since many of these countries have little or no experience with the precast construction sector. In Europe, the knowledge available today has been gathered in the course many years and can therefore not be communicated on the quick. In addition, an adjustment to the situation in other countries is necessary in each case. The Prilhofer Institute focuses primarily on this complex of problems in that it aims to communicate basic knowledge as well as specific knowledge.

Building with precast concrete elements demands a rethinking of the construction process, the complexity of which is often underestimated. Rethinking of the procedure is not restricted to the pure production process. It comprises the entire construction progress from the initial design stage to the erection of the precast concrete elements on site. In Central Europe and in Scandinavia precast elements have for many years been a part of the construction culture. The optimization of project processing took decades and required numerous and varied technical innovations. For a newcomer to this...

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