Modern form building for the precast industry

Perfection in every dimension

A few years ago, the growing demand for diversity of forms in concrete construction prompted Jürgen Wortmann to take a closer look and get more involved in the situation. He founded the Novaform Formbau GmbH and since then has been manufacturing forms from a wide range of materials; his customers are precasting plants. To this day, the company has successfully created a casting mold for every subsequent positive – no matter how complex the geometry.

In their day-to-day work, nearly all precasters are confronted with requests for form parts for geometrically complex elements. Inquiries for quotations must often be turned down because the in-plant form building shop has no experience in the relevant field, does not have the proper equipment or simply does not have the time for the construction of such forms. In addition, fair-faced concrete surfaces are also often specified in the inquiries – a further criterion for turning down queries of this kind. Jürgen Wortmann has no such problems; to him it’s the very complexity of three-dimensional...

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