Tungsten Carbide Tooling for „Roof Tile“ Production

Rationalisation with implementation of modern materials

 Boehlerit tungsten carbide tooling enables a production of approximately 550 million concrete roof tiles per year. For a family home about 2.500 roof tiles are needed. This leads to a number of 220.000 family homes that can be roofed with concrete roof tiles produced with tungsten carbide tooling from BOEHLERIT.

Boehlerit has been designing and manufacturing tungsten carbide tooling for the “Roof Tile“ industry for over thirty years and is recognised for being one of the pioneers within this complex technology. Compared to steel, our tungsten carbide tooling achieves between a twenty to thirty fold increase in tool life. The exact tool life prediction is difficult to forecast as it depends on many factors. To achieve product optimization, every Boehlerit roof tile tool is designed especially for the individual customer needs and operational conditions. We select the optimum carbide grade for each tool...

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