Block height control

Sensor allows up-to-date quality control

The HCS500 is an intelligent senor for measuring the height of blocks during the running manufacturing process. All components are integrated in the sensor, and no further hardware components are necessary. Just a network gateway and electric power supply is needed. The sensor may be operated from every part of the network having an intuitively designed user interface which does not require any special knowledge. There is no other system available in the market offering a sensor format of such kind of functionality.


Already in 2002, R&W brought the first version of a block height control system to the market. The type named “SHV-500-1LA-xx” consisted of a linear axis on which a laser measurement system was installed for scanning the block height. With the aid of the linear axis the laser measurement system can be moved to various measuring positions and thus enables height control at various positions of a production board. Evaluation of the measured value is realized by a PLC control system integrated in the converter of the linear axis.

In 2004, a new version of the height control system was...

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