Protection against loss of material and corrosion

Wastewater treatment plants and biogas generators as well as sedimentation basins and basins for liquid manure are absolutely essential in order to have technical control over the degradation and the reuse of biomass. The ongoing processes in this procedure are of an extreme aggression. In the course of the decomposition of an organic compound, among others, by the formation of carbonic and sulphuric acid, the concrete is as well affected by an acid attack resulting in an erosion of the calcitic materials of concrete. There is a significant increase in the loss of material if the ph-value...

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Silage silos, liquid-manure tanks, basements, pits, and biogas facilities are all exposed to numerous aggressive mechanical and chemical attacks that in the long term can lead to damage. With...

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Emscher wastewater sewer

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(10) WO 2021/005398 A1 (22) 08.07.2019 (43) 14.01.2021 (57) In this system, in wastewater duct, a foam concrete conduit which consists of various parts, such as sedimentation, deposition, natural...

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