Balcony connection according to standard

New Halfen HIT HP

Now, the new Halfen HIT HP (high performance) bal­cony connection provides even more advantages: a high degree of efficiency, the prevention of condensation water and mold formation, and the reduction of heating costs as well as CO2 emissions.

As standard, all new HIP HP ISO elements are classified according to the European fire resistance rating for load-bearing structural components with and without room closure REI 120 (F120-AB). At a slab thickness of 16 cm or more the type-approved elements are able to transfer shear forces of up to 160 kN/m. The state-of-the-art and newly developed compression shear bearing made of a fiber-­reinforced high-performance mortar enables the HAFEN HIT HP to achieve a remarkably improved thermal insulation. As shear bars and installation bars were eliminated, the installation is now much easier....

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