Repairing subsurface infrastructure

Mortar ombran MHP tested

The innovative technology of the high-tech mortar ombran MHP leads to the fact that the tightness of the coating improves in the course of application while the pore space is minimized owing to the “Dynamic SynCristallisation” (DySC®). Now, the product has been thoroughly examined.

Designing the high-tech mortar ombran MHP, MC-Bauchemie GmbH has a product, which is able to solve even difficult problems with innovative features when it comes to repairing of subsurface infrastructures. Due to the ideal combination of the coating‘s durability, a good workability and a fast strength development, the tried and tested, holistic system ombran MHP becomes a repair system for both re-profiling and coating.

The coatings are distinguished by longevity, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Together with a combination of an optimum shrinkage behavior as well the ability to...

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