A new development from GESYS

Module maintenance management

The software company Gesys has expanded its Business Success company software program by a further module. The “maintenance management – IHM” (= abbreviation of the German term) provides technical departments with an instrument for the control, surveillance and documentation of all plants, components, maintenance work as well as measures to be taken.

It is, in particular, possible to manage and analyze the following tasks with the new module:

1. Representation of the complete plant structure (production facility, components, etc.).

2. Preliminary planning, implementation, documentation, evaluation of service and maintenance works indicating time and material.

3. Preliminary planning, implementation, documentation of other measures indicating time and material.

4. Documentation of manuals, descriptions of plants and components.

5. Management of the personnel.

6. Logbook of operating hours counters.

7. Initiating and monitoring of purchase orders...

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