Innovative Moisture Metering Systems

Improvement in Efficiency and Quality Assurance of Modern Mixing Processes

 The requirements regarding efficiency and reliability of modern mixing plants for the manufacture of high-performance concretes have continuously grown in the last few years. Moisture measuring adapted to the respective production requirements is essential, in particular, with respect to a constantly high quality of the finished product and in terms of optimizing the efficiency of the entire mixing process.

Therefore, Franz Ludwig GmbH, the Mainz (Germany)-based company that is specialized in the development of moisture metering systems for bulk materials, offers probes and evaluation devices that meet the special requirements of mixer measurement.

Waterdosing Computer

The Waterdosing Computer FL-Mikro-Turbo comprises especially developed software algorithms and a very quick measurement signal evaluation system suiting the design-related properties of all common mixer types. In this way, the measurement signal behavior – figuratively speaking – can be scrutinized like using a magnifying glass and...

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