Another flagship project made by Antares

Antares Pré-Fabricados is a pioneering company in the field of precast concrete construction in the north of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina which has been continuously present in the market since 1980 and will celebrate its 43 successful years of business in this segment this year. Recently, another industrial hall has been completed using concrete elements supplied by Antares. This construction project for a manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture located in Jaraguá do Sul consists of 12cm-thick precast wall panels, a roof structure made of prestressed concrete and special elements such as stairs, for example.

It is important for the company to understand the market and the customers‘ needs, which are changing in the course of time. Therefore, Antares is constantly striving to follow these changes, so as to be able to provide services of high quality. All projects are performed with the aid of BIM technology, with making work more efficient and more precise. The introduction of the BIM technology allowed Antares to create a digital 3D model of its solutions, which include panels, beams, columns, stairs, and other concrete elements. With the aid of this model, the company could already detect potential conflicts and problems at an early stage of the project helping reduce faults and rework and improve the quality of the finished product.


BIM technology introduced with success

In addition, the software was applied for automating many of the prefabrication processes, as the preparation of drawings and bills of materials, for example. This has helped Antares Pré-Fabricados to increase the productivity and efficiency and to save time and resources. It enabled the creation of precise and detailed 3D models of each prefabricated element, including all structural members and components. This digital representation allows an exact calculation of the quantity of concrete and steel required for the production of each structural element.

Using the BIM technology has also improved the communication among the teams involved in the projects of the company. Thanks to the digital 3D model, it was easier for the teams to view and exchange information, which contributed to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that all those involved were working with the same information. Adjustments and modifications in projects can be made quicker and more efficiently due to the use of this new technology. This means that the company is more flexible and can adapt to changed customer needs quickly.

Eventually, the introduction of BIM technology has allowed Antares Pré-Fabricados to achieve an excellent reputation in the market, as the company is always innovative as far as quality and technology is concerned. The company was in the position to offer products of high quality at competitive prices which helped them to acquire more customers and to expand the business.


Antares Pré-Fabricados

Rua Ângelo Zanluca, 100

Caixa D’agua, Guaramirim

Sta. Catarina/Brazil

+55 47 3373-8001


54,00 m x 117,00 m; h = 9,30 m


6.768,97 m²


Jaraguá do Sul (SC)/Brasilien


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