Aerated concrete block, preparation method and equipment thereof

(10) CN114455933

(22) 28.02.2022

(43) 10.05.2022

(57) The invention relates to the technical field of novel building materials, and particularly discloses an aerated concrete block, a preparation method and equipment thereof, the aerated concrete block comprises the following components by weight: 40-80 parts of cement, 30-50 parts of river sand, 5-10 parts of quicklime, 3-6 parts of fly ash, 15- 25 parts of a siliceous raw material, 5-10 parts of methyl sodium silicate, 10-20 parts of mineral powder, 80-100 parts of desulfurized gypsum, 8-25 parts of sodium carbonate, 5-12 parts of hydrogen peroxide, 0.6-8.8 parts of an aluminum powder air entraining agent, and 2.0-2.6 parts of a foam stabilizer. 2-5 parts of water glass and 100-200 parts of clear water. The device has the advantages of being high in automation degree, low in machining cost and high in machining  efficiency.

(71) Taizhou City South Ocean Building MAT Limited Company

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