SaMoTer - Zero emission construction sites and new technologies supporting safety

Figure: Samoter

Figure: Samoter
The green revolution in the construction machinery sector has begun. Many manufacturers on the market already offer a range of electric or hybrid vehicles: from mini-excavators to trucks with cranes through to concrete mixers.

"The turning point for sustainability is around the corner and is the goal we must aim for." Many of the 536 companies exhibiting at Samoter are convinced of this. The international construction machinery exhibition was scheduled at Veronafiere until Sunday 7 May.

Low-impact technologies are a reality by now: yet while they are environmentally sustainable, is this also the case in economic terms? Once again, it is a question of making ends meet. Currently, zero-emission construction sites still cost about 30% more than "conventional" ones, although savings are amortized over the longer term thanks to lower fuel and maintenance costs.

So, at the moment, the way ahead to make new environmentally friendly technologies even more competitive seems to be linked with incentive policies to stimulate demand and activate scale economies on the move towards the complete transition of the machinery fleet.

This emerged at Samoter during the “Working with zero emissions? Here's how, in our virtual urban construction site” conference organised in collaboration with Vaielettrico.

Technology and digitization help improve safety in the workplace because they enable the implementation of preventive measures to reduce accidents, theft and damage. However, on their own, these items are not enough: it is essential to raise awareness among operators at all levels.

This emerged during "The advantages of new technologies supporting safety" conference held at Samoter, the international construction machinery exhibition at Veronafiere until sunday organized in collaboration with IPAF (International Powered Access Federation).



SaMoTer 2023

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